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Second Virtual Youth Event

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Virtual Youth Event
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If you are a student in last year (Master 2 Pharmaceutical Sciences or Advanced Master Industrial Pharmacist), please register through the online registration here above.

If you are not a student, but one of our members, please do not hesitate to transfer this invitation to young pharmacists (Master 2 Pharmaceutical Sciences or Advanced Master Industrial Pharmacist).

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Wednesday 30th June 2021 - from 18h00 till 19h00

Online ZOOM meeting.

The link to the meeting will be sent to you the day prior to the due date.

All attendees will receive, after the virtual event, a special voucher to enjoy a nice cocktail at the "Pharmacie Anglaise" in Brussels, don't miss it !

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Looking forward to meeting you there !!
UPIP-VAPI     Professional Royal Association of Pharmacists active in the Life Science Industry     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









Next QP Academy on 30/09/21

Extra module 5

QP & future therapies



 The concept of the QP Academy is very simple and it consists of:MailingLine2

    • 6 modules delivered every year (a mix of fundamental, specific and extra packages) 
    • Registration can be made for 2, 4 or 6 modules - choose a custom-made package,
      not limited in time
    • Modules will be scheduled in the late afternoon and will last 2 hours each
      (virtual first, then face to face)
    • Registration is accessible to QPs who are active members of the UPIP-VAPI   

Every module is prepared, validated and delivered by one or more experts of the QP Academy board.

 It is a package with exchange on your reality, current challenges, new trends, evolution on the topic and exercises.
Registration is accessible to QPs and people interested by this role (e.g: Traineeship) who are member of the UPIP-VAPI


You can find in attachment the module delivery schedule and the registration form

You are interested but you have some questions , let us know on : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hope to see you soon in one of our module


Institut Royal des Elites du Travail (IRET)

Koninklijk Instituut der Eliten van de Arbeid (KIEA)

Since there is too little attention paid to good work, IRET-KIEA, together with the employers, professional organizations such as UPIP-VAPI and the competent authorities wish to officially honor those who continue to invest in their profession.

Obtaining the title of Laureate of Labor and one of the labels we propose to you confirms the quality of your work, highlights your talent and commitment to your profession and adds value to your career and your organization. In short, it is a title of which you can be quite proud and a sign of your qualities that can be an example to your colleagues.

This call is open to all pharmacists (and pharmaceutical technical assistants) who are working in one of the following sectors:

    • Public & Hospital pharmacies
    • Pharmaceutical industry (life sciences industries)
    • Radio-pharmacy
    • Clinical biology
    • Pharmaceutical research and teaching.

What have we done and how does it work?

The Organizing Committee, composed of representatives of the abovementioned sectors has developed the following three documents:

1. The Regulations of this award.

    • Three titles are awarded: Bronze, Silver and Gold:
        • Bronze represents the Future of our Profession, and is awarded to young pharmacists who have demonstrated professional competence and ethics and the will for innovation and development,
        • Silver represents our Professionals, and is awarded to pharmacists demonstrating extensive professional competence and ethics, contribute to the transfer of professional knowledge, know-how and skills, and carry out the will for innovation and development within the organization,
        • Gold represents our Flag bearers / Mentors, and is awarded to pharmacists who are mastery of professional knowledge and skills and also propagate the transfer of knowledge and the will for innovation and development within the sector.
      • The candidacy must be submitted by means of an official application form (see below). It must be duly completed and signed (unless it is completed online) and returned by 30 April 2021 to the Royal Institute of the Elites of Labour through one of these three channels:
          • Mail: Royal Institute of Labour Elites, Boulevard de Blanche 17-21, 1040 Brussels
          • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
          • Website: iret-kiea.be.
      • The registration is free of charge, as well as the delivery of the certificate that will distributed to the Laureates.
      • The candidatures are reviewed by a Selection Committee that has been appointed by the Organizing Committee. When accepted, the title of Laureate/Laureate of Labor will be awarded by Royal Decree and published in the Belgian Monitor.

2. An Application Form

The application form is available in French, Dutch and German and can be downloaded from the website of IRET9-KIEA (shortened link https://bit.ly/3dl4PRE).

      • You can apply for yourself or for someone else.
      • You can apply as an Employer, Head of Department, Administrator, Colleague, Representative of a Professional Organization (via UPIP-VAPI) etc…
      • You provide the personal and professional coordinates of the applicant
      • You specify the professional titles, and select a Label (Bronze, Silver or Gold).
      • When you apply for someone else, explain why this person deserves this award.
      • Start to fill out the questionnaire for Bronze. When you apply for Silver, continue to fill out questions 8-10. When you apply for Gold, continue to fill out questions 11-12.
      • Send the Form at latest by 30 April 2021 to IRET-KIEA.

3. An Attestation

In order to substantiate your application, it must be supported by an attestation of your employer, a head of department, a colleague, an administrator or a witness (e.g. a former employer or colleague in case you are an independent candidate).

      • This person rates you application on a scale from 1 to 10 on a set of criteria such as the quality of work, professional knowledge, skills and ethics, participation in training, continuous improvement, social commitment etc…
      • Fill in only the criteria of the requested label (Bronze, Silver or Gold).
      • Specify why the candidate deserves the requested title and label.

As board of UPIP-VAPI we were very honored that we were asked to take part in the Organizing Committee as representatives for the Pharmacists working in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries.

Pharmacists probably have the broadest medical education, and we end up working in almost all domains of the pharmaceutical and related industries. 

We therefore sincerely hope you will all take this opportunity to show off as professionals in the domains of the life sciences industries we work in.

Note that these are the highest professional awards for labour given in Belgium, and they don’t come easy. The last time they were given to pharmacists was in 1972, which is almost 50 years ago!

In normal times, the awards are presented during a big closing ceremony. However due to corona this may change to a live event. We will keep you informed on the progress, because these discussions are still ongoing. Maybe, if the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmacists put all effort together, we might have a live event by the end of the year.


AdobeStock 398021771 PreviewVaccination with vaccines to prevent Covid-19 infections started in January. Vaccination of the general population will start in March, depending on the availability of the vaccines. The health authorities of the 3 regions in Belgium are installing vaccination centra on their territory. About 90 centra will be installed in the Flemish region, about 40 in Wallonia and 10 in the Brussels region. In each center a manager is responsible for the organization.

Besides the physical installation of these centra, there is also need for adequate personnel. So each of the regions calls for volunteers to help in the vaccination centra.

Different functions have been defined, so different profiles are searched. Among others there is a real need for pharmacists.
UPIP/VAPI encourages the members to act as a volunteer.

You will find more information on the following websites


Covid-19 : stratégie de vaccination au niveau de la Wallonie

L'AVIQ réactive sa plateforme solidaire

Flanders :

Help de helpers

Coronavirus COVID-19, vaccinatie


Persons to contact for each vaccination center can be find in attachment.
Brussels (Français)

La Commission communautaire commune recherche des volontaires
Centres de vaccination & Planning
Brussels (Nederlands)

Vaccinatie Menu
Vaccinatiecentra & Planning


Volunteering spots 

German-speaking community: send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
There is also information available on organization, preparation and regulatory matters on the website of :
APB (Francophones/ Wallonia):

APB pour les membres
APB - Centres de vaccination


APB (Nederlandstaligen/Vlaanderen)

APB voor leden

APB - Vaccinatie centers

Orde der Apothekers

Ordre des Pharmaciens



A word from the President

Dear Members,

Every generation can say they live in interesting times, but I guess these are the weirdest times in the last 50 years or even longer.



Follow-up after the General Assembly 2020

By Kristin Vandenbussche

UPIP-VAPI was founded in 1953 as an association for pharmacists working in the industry, when the development of the regulation on the industrial preparation of medicines started. For the first time the term industrial pharmacist was introduced.



Upcoming eventGDP Certification training

By Kristin Vandenbussche

On-line training on the 17th of November

Patients rely on the experience and know-how of the pharmaceutical industry, including the whole supply chain for their medicinal products.



Upcoming event • QP Academy

By Philippe Bollen

Certification by a QP and Batch Release - to certify or not, that’s the Question

After months of preparation the QP academy had its kick of on the 30th of September.



Youth Event

By Alexia Resonnet & Kristin Vandenbussche

UPIP-VAPI organizes trainings, symposia and events that allow pharmacists in the industry to develop themselves and to be informed about the continuous evolving quality matters, regulations and systems.



Eliten van de Arbeid – Elites du Travail

By Frank Peeters

A positive aspect of corona is that the important work of the pharmacists has not stayed unnoticed. The Royal Institute of the Elites of Labor (*) has started a procedure to award the Honour Badge of Labour (**) for the sector pharmacists and pharmaco-technical assistants.



Planning Committee - Medical Supply (PlanCOM)

By Frank Peeters

The FOD/SPF Health Planning Committee Medical Supply was established in 1996 with the aim of examining the medical supply needs of healthcare professionals.




By Erik Haghedooren

Curalia is an insurance company by pharmacists for pharmacists. UPIP-VAPI has a collaboration ship with Curalia, with the aim to offer to our members the right insurance to protect them while exercising their profession.


GDP Training
  What? mailingline

Patients rely on the experience and know-how of the pharmaceutical industry, including the whole supply chain for their medicinal products. The quality, safety and efficacy of medicinal products depend on a range of factors.  Manufacturing, trading, transport and distribution of medicinal products is nowadays a global activity as well as local. Insights and demands by stakeholders are evolving continuously. 

The aim of the training is to understand and implement GDP in an adequate way in your working environment in accordance with the current insights and expectations from industry, supply chain and inspectorates.

 Topics mailingline
    • Development of QMS (Quality Management System)
    • Role of the GDP RP – building a GDP QA team: from organigram to team
    • Validation of the supply chain from manufacturing site to pharmacy – (GDP chapter 9 and GMP annex 15 par. 6)
The session will be followed by a training evaluation. Participants receive a proof of attendance mentioning the result in the training evaluation.
 When? mailingline
17th November 2020, from 17h00 till 19h00
 Where? mailingline
Online Zoom meeting. We will send you a link 2 days prior to the due date.
  For whom? mailingline

Pharmacists,  GDP Responsible Persons  and other members of the GDP-QA team. 

 Fee mailingline

295 euros

Non-members can attend but pay an additional 105 euros for membership fee.

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What ? mailingline
  • To supplement other trainings that UPIP-VAPI is already proposing, we would like to launch this year a program intended to support QPs in their continuous development.
  • The QP Academy consists of 6 modules that will be presented on a periodic basis. Topics of the modules were selected to cover various areas that the QP needs to be knowledgeable about in order to properly execute his duties. Registration can be made for 2, 4 or 6 modules.  
  • The requirement for an ongoing training is given in Annex 16 to the EU GMP Guide «Certification by a Qualified Person and Batch Release »
  • 8.3 « A QP should maintain is knowledge and experience up to date in the light of technical and scientific progress and changes in quality management relevant to the products which he is required to certify »
  • To meet this requirement and support QPs in their continuous development, UPIP-VAPI is launching a specific program named : QP ACADEMY.
When ? mailingline
30th September 2020 - from 17h30 till 19h00
Where ? mailingline
Online. ZOOM meeting. We will send you a link 2 days prior to the due date.
ForWhom ? mailingline

All members (QP) who have duly paid their membership fees for 2020 or Students graduated in 2020.

For the others, please quickly update your payments and join us on 30th Sept.

You can already pre-register using buttons below.

How Much ? mailingline
Free of charge
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Looking forward to meeting you there !!
UPIP-VAPI     Professional Royal Association of Pharmacists active in the Life Science Industry     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






YouthEvent2UPIP-VAPI had to organize its second edition of Youth Event for the future industrial pharmacists in La Pharmacie Anglaise in Brussels on 30/04/2020, but unfortunately, it was not possible because of the COVID-19 crisis.

As it is important to keep contact with the students in order to help them when they finish their studies and also to promote UPIP-VAPI, it has been decided to organize a virtual networking event where the students had the opportunity to ask all questions that they wanted to some board members of the association.

This online event took place on Wednesday 01 July 2020. After the presentation of our association, the event was divided in small sessions in smaller groups in order to facilitate the exchanges.

YouthEvent1Students and board members were satisfied with the discussions and with the sharing.
Students received a voucher to enjoy a nice cocktail in La Pharmacie Anglaise and the Green Book from UPIP-VAPI!


2020 UPIP-VAPI Virtual Youth Event

What? mailingline

Virtual Youth Event: We had to organize a youth event for you at La Pharmacie Anglaise in Brussels in the end of April, but because of COVID-19, we had to postpone it to an undetermined date. Therefore, we have decided to organize a virtual event allowing you to better know our professional association but mainly allowing you to ask questions to different industrial pharmacists. 

When? mailingline

Wednesday 1st July 2020 - from 18h00 till 19h00

Where? mailingline

Online. We will send you a link a few days prior to the due date.
It will be a zoom meeting with small groups allowing you to have good discussions.

For Whom?  mailingline

Future Industrial Pharmacists

You can already register using the PDF registration button and send it by email
to info@upip-vapi. Or register on line. Registration before 27th June 2020.

How much ?mailingline

Free of charge



Looking forward to meeting you there !!
UPIP-VAPI     Professional Royal Association of Pharmacists active in the Life Science Industry
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - www.upip-vapi.be

Due to covid-19 events are postponed or will be replaced by virtual sessions, starting from September on.