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Section 2.4 Training of the GDP regulations states that “All personnel involved in wholesale distribution activities should be trained on the requirements of GDP”.GDOtraining

In addition:

  • Personnel should receive initial and continuing training relevant to their role, based on written procedures and in accordance with a written training programme.
  • The responsible person should also maintain their competence in GDP through regular training.

To help you fulfil these requirements, UPIP-VAPI organizes a

Yearly GDP Certification Training
Basic & Advanced GDP Modules

Venue :

J&J European Distribution Center
Rue du Bois de la hutte 5 , B-7110 La Louvière


Monday 30th September, From 13h30 to 17h30



More details in the attachments:

Monday 30th September 2019 – UPIP-VAPI Yearly GDP Certification Training

Registration form (PDF) or Online Registration



Frank Peeters, Pharmacist, Ph.D.


UPIP—VAPI Presiden

Visiting Professor KU Leuven

TOBEAS, Mechelen
Managing Director

 Ludwig Everaert, Pharmacist


 UPIP-VAPI Board Member

ARCHEMIN – MPI, Mechelen
Managing Director

Batch record and eBR new technology

How to deal with your QP role in a digital environment :
eBR case study

A Half-day interactive Training organized by VAPI-UPIPin collaboration with salamanderU

Thursday 26th September 2019 13:30 - 17:30

Venue : Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport - Culliganlaan 4b, 1831 Diegem

What You Will Learn

The aim of the conference is to highlight the methods & tools of eBR processes and its impact on QP positions and
its impact on all quality actors.

The seminar is based on business cases to share, lessons learned from participants and speakers ; it will provide to
you :

  • An eBR knowledge across the industry
  • How to understand its impact and how to support this digital transformation
  • Be aware on new technology and its benefit
  • FAQ

Who should attend?

  • Manufacturers, wholesalers, brokers, CRO’s & CMO’s involved in commercial & clinical supplies
  • This course is aimed at managers and staff involved in departments responsible for:
    • Manufacture (Production)
    • Quality
    • Release - QP

This course wants to help companies to understand all the power of eBR.

If you cannot attend the seminar, we would very much appreciate if you could nevertheless fill in the survey below as well, to help us focus on the industry needs. This does not commit to anything whatsoever. Thanks for your help !

Read here the Agenda

Make the Survey

Find here the Registration Form (PDF)

Register through the website www.upip-vapi.be


UPIP-VAPI Timeline 2019

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