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AdobeStock 398021771 PreviewVaccination with vaccines to prevent Covid-19 infections started in January. Vaccination of the general population will start in March, depending on the availability of the vaccines. The health authorities of the 3 regions in Belgium are installing vaccination centra on their territory. About 90 centra will be installed in the Flemish region, about 40 in Wallonia and 10 in the Brussels region. In each center a manager is responsible for the organization.

Besides the physical installation of these centra, there is also need for adequate personnel. So each of the regions calls for volunteers to help in the vaccination centra.

Different functions have been defined, so different profiles are searched. Among others there is a real need for pharmacists.
UPIP/VAPI encourages the members to act as a volunteer.

You will find more information on the following websites


Covid-19 : stratégie de vaccination au niveau de la Wallonie

L'AVIQ réactive sa plateforme solidaire

Flanders :

Help de helpers

Coronavirus COVID-19, vaccinatie


Persons to contact for each vaccination center can be find in attachment.
Brussels (Français)

La Commission communautaire commune recherche des volontaires
Centres de vaccination & Planning
Brussels (Nederlands)

Vaccinatie Menu
Vaccinatiecentra & Planning


Volunteering spots 

German-speaking community: send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
There is also information available on organization, preparation and regulatory matters on the website of :
APB (Francophones/ Wallonia):

APB pour les membres
APB - Centres de vaccination


APB (Nederlandstaligen/Vlaanderen)

APB voor leden

APB - Vaccinatie centers

Orde der Apothekers

Ordre des Pharmaciens